Hearthstone Inn' Woof Woof Amenities

You will enjoy a pet amenity bucket provided in your room with a variety of pet related items

Pet Rates: $15 per pet, PER STAY! Not per day!

Woof Woof Amenities
Woof Woof Amenities

  Pet Friendly: Pets are welcome at the McBee Cottages (and Hearthstone Inn) if well-mannered and supervised. Pet Rates: $15 per pet, per stay. Pets must be supervised at all times on hotel property. Failure to register a pet or bringing a pet into a pet-free room is subject to a $150 fee and guests will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

   We love our own pets and welcome yours at the Hearthstone Inn and McBee Cottages, but only if your pet if is well-behaved and if your observe the following courtesies:

LEASHES: Pets must be leashed while on our property.


  PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET: Please pick-up after your pet, poo bags are provided in the amenity bucket. Dispose poo bags in the dumpster: Hearthstone Inn's dumpster is located inside the gate at the entrance to the parking lot; McBee Cottage's dumpster is located behind the white lattice adjacent to Unit #31.

UNATTENDED PETS: Pets cannot be left unattended in the room or in your vehicle in the parking lot.

PET BLANKETS AND TOWELS: Pets are not allowed on the furniture, please put pet blankets to cover the furnishings provided in the amenity bucket.

   We really do invite your pet to stay with us and enjoy our hospitality. Our "expectations" are based on friendly relations with our neighbors and other guests. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you so very much!